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Samantha Soulas

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My Vynamic color

Tea Party Pink / #e596d4

Living. Leading. Learning. Growing. Thriving. Our definition of healthy is the sum of our five values. We will thrive with the freedom to explore our unique strengths.

Philadelphia, PA

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Health Industry sector experience

Life Sciences; Health Services; Health Technology

Vynamic service expertise

Project and Change Management; Operating Model Assessment and Process Redesign; Technology Transformation; Strategic Planning; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Favorite professional work experience

Serving as Interim Intake Director for a large home health agency responsible for leading 20+ employees and implementing identified process improvement opportunities. This work resulted in improved timely initiation of care and interdepartmental collaboration.

Why the health industry

I am motivated to help healthcare companies that put “purpose over profit” in furthering the advancement of the industry and providing patients with the best possible care. The health industry constantly requires innovation and as consultants, we can help our clients to achieve that.

My Vynamic color

Tea Party Pink – I love enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with a good pastry. My Mom is from England, and I have fond memories of afternoon tea with my family. My husband also jokes that if I’m not eating a baked good then I’m thinking about how to acquire a baked good.

Favorite personal accomplishment

Studying in Salamanca, Spain for a semester in a full immersion program. I lived with a host family that only spoke Spanish and all my classes were in Spanish. I lived outside my comfort zone for five months and it was so worth it! 

My family

My husband, Rick, our very active daughter, Isabel (Izzie), and our fluffy Labradoodle, Archie 

Favorite movie(s)

The American President written by Aaron Sorkin. I love U.S. History and can always go for a good, juicy drama.

Growing up I

Played just about every instrument and sport you can think of. I love to try new things! 

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