i am: Steph Ng

Steph Ng
Steph Ng


My Vynamic Color
Ocean Teal

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Public Health  

Select functional expertise
Data and Analytics Strategy Development, Target Operating Model Development, Project Management  

Favorite professional work experience
Leading a team of developers to build the Department of Health and Social Care 24 hour reporting for UK’s COVID Test and Trace Programme during the height of the pandemic 

B.A. in Political Science and International Relations, University of California, Santa Barbara   

My Vynamic color
Ocean Teal – A light blue green colour that is peaceful, calming, and reminds me of trips with my family. We are big beach and warm weather people, so we will take any chance to be near the ocean and sunshine  

Locations I’ve worked
London and Washington D.C.  

My pet
I have a dog named Tiger and a cat named Kona and I am equally obsessed with both 

Locations I’ve lived
New Jersey, Santa Barbara, Washington DC, London, Hong Kong, and Shanghai 

I could teach you how to
Drive a manual car and rock climb!  

A London best kept secret
I’m from NJ but live in London so if you are missing good bagels, I would highly recommend a small bagel stall in East London Netil Market. Whenever I get a little homesick, I cycle down to that market and buy a dozen to last me a couple weeks 

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