i am: Steve Bronstein

Steve Bronstein
Steve Bronstein


My Vynamic Color
Syracuse Orange

Select functional expertise
Program and Project Management, Business Process Design, SDLC,Organizational Readiness

My professional passion
Helping clients implement innovative solutions to their most challenging and pressing issues

Favorite travel destination
Los Cabos, Mexico

Keys for success
Listen, be receptive to feedback, adapt to the dynamics in the market

Dual B.S. in Marketing Management and Supply Chain Management from Syracuse University

Past employment

I’m certified as
A Yellow-Belt in Six Sigma Methodologies

Athletic pursuits
I love basketball, and was even recruited to play Division II basketball

Horsham, PA

You may have not known
I was a music producer for 8 full length albums and was also the founder of a record label that was active for almost 10 years

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