i am: Summer Atkinson

Summer Atkinson
Summer Atkinson


My Vynamic Color
Turquoise Sea

Favorite professional work experience
Some of my most impactful work experiences have been working with orphan diseases and in the non-opioid pain management space 

BS in Neuroscience, University of Vermont; Master of Public Health (Global Health focus), University of Southern California 

Past employment
I’ve worked in consulting for many years, but also previously worked in the anti-human trafficking and reproductive justice spaces 

Best early career advice received
Never discount the importance of networking – you never know what opportunities can come up from relationships you’ve built along the way 

My industry passion
I’m particularly passionate about promoting patient access and developing relationships with my internal and external teammates 

My Vynamic color
Turquoise Sea – This color reminds me of the ocean. To me, it represents being fluid, accommodating change, and that there is always the chance to find more below the surface. 

My pets
We have two cats (Mr. Whiskers and Mosey) and a golden retriever named Bilbo Waggins 

Passionate about
I love to travel and backpacked across South America before getting my Masters degree. Now, I run a travel blog and Instagram in my free time and still travel whenever I have the opportunity. 

Favorite personal accomplishment
I have a goal to read at least 40 books a year and once even managed to read 46 

Favorite travel destination
Rio de Janeiro, Cusco, and Patagonia 

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