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DISCovering Team Culture.

Understanding, appreciating, and optimizing style differences is key to effective teams. Certified Vynamic DISC facilitators help teams recognize their unique blend of styles and how to apply them when working together and with external stakeholders.

What we do.

DISC is an easy-to-remember, non-judgmental framework designed to immediately optimize team effectiveness in communication, time management, sharing feedback, and navigating change, conflict, and stress. Vynamic has partnered with Take Flight Learning to offer a unique application of the DISC personality assessment, which aligns
each style to a type of bird:

  • Dominant/Eagle
  • Interactive/Parrot
  • Supportive/Dove
  • Conscientious/Owl

How we help.

DISCovering Team Culture workshops help teams:

  • Identify DISC styles and recognize unique contributions of each
  • Maximize their own strengths and identify areas for growth
  • Build a foundation of trust and cohesion for future working relationships

Topics covered in DISC sessions include:

  • Communication Preferences
  • Storytelling
  • Feedback
  • Stakeholder Influence
  • Leadership
  • Innovation

Mairead Hanna

Senior Talent Management Director

Let’s talk.

Could your team benefit from understanding, appreciating, and optimizing based on your style differences? Reach out to learn more about how our DISC offering can help you progress.

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