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Aaron Hefez

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My Vynamic color

Optimistic Tanzanite / #8551FF

Experienced consultant with a unique perspective on using data analytics, workflow optimization, and organizational transformation to drive positive change and deliver transformative solutions.

Boston, MA

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Health Industry sector experience

Health Services; Health Technology; Life Sciences

Best early career advice received

My mentor told me a quote from Maya Angelou that stuck with me: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

Favorite Vynamic event

Summit Up

Keys for success

Listen more and talk less.

Why I joined Vynamic

The supportive culture coupled with strong values.

App I can't live without

Dashlane. It’s my password manager and gives me peace of mind.

Local best kept secret

Modern Pastry is better than Mike’s Pastry.

My pet(s)

Winston, a 90-pound golden doodle therapy dog, who looks and acts like a Muppet.

My Vynamic color

My Vynamic color is Optimistic Tanzanite. It is important to me to stay upbeat when things get tough. I try to see situations from an optimistic perspective. Tanzanite, one of my favorite gemstones, combines my two favorite colors purple and blue, which I find to be soothing, yet electric.

Passionate about

Coffee! I roast my own beans and have over seven different ways to brew coffee.

What’s your Vynamic color?

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