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Alice Venkatesan

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My Vynamic color

Pastel Yellow / #fdfe7c

Passionate and outcomes-driven Consultant, with experience in the Provider and Public Health sectors, and on the side a health and fitness enthusiast.

London, UK

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Vynamic service expertise

Change Management; Culture & Team Effectiveness; Operating Model & Organisation Design; Strategic Planning & Mobilisation

Health Industry areas of focus

Leadership, Governance & People; Strategy & Growth

Why the health industry

There is no better feeling and motivation than knowing that the work that you do is having a positive impact on both organisational outcomes but also broader societal outcomes.

Professional passion

I love working directly with and coaching clients to understand both their own individual potential but also how they can work together with their teams effectively to bring about sustainable positive change to the environments which they work within.

Favourite professional work experience

Working with UK social services teams to align on a shared vision and core priorities to support independent living. We utilized a high level operating model to design and deliver a tailored leadership and development coaching programme to implement the required changes.

Keys for success

Understand what balance means to you and how you can achieve that. For me, it is all about positively balancing work, family, fitness, and friends!

You may have not known

I am a qualified Personal Trainer and teach spinning at a London studio!

Favourite personal accomplishment

Swimming across the English Channel at night as a relay to raise money for charity with two of my friends from university.

My Vynamic color

Pastel Yellow – Yellow is the colour of happiness and joy and Joy is my middle name. I try my best to both radiate joy and also surround myself with people who bring me joy!

App I can't live without

Spotify - last year I was in the top 1% of Spotify listeners globally.

I could teach you how to

Make flower shaped salami for an aesthetically pleasing antipasti board as part of your next dinner party!

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