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Connor Lippincott

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My Vynamic color

Screamin' Green / #66ff66

Sustainability Council Co-Lead & Life Sciences Senior Manager with diverse project experience.

San Diego, CA

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Health Industry sector experience

Life Sciences

Vynamic service expertise

Operating Model & Organization Design; Product Launch; Strategic Planning & Mobilization; Technology Transformation

Health Industry areas of focus

Product Launch; Commercial: Operations & Strategy

Professional passion

As the Sustainability Council Co-Lead, I love looking for ways to improve the environmental sustainability of both Vynamic and our clients.

Locations I've worked

I started at Vynamic in Philadelphia before moving to San Diego!

Favorite Vynamic event

As a spoke, Summit Up is the best time to catch up with Vynamos that I am usually only able to see online.

Why I joined Vynamic

I joined Vynamic to work with a group of highly motivated, intelligent, and diverse people looking to make a positive impact in the health industry.

Keys for success

One habit that I've recently picked up is imagining the kick off to a Formula One race - "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Lights out and away we go" - when I open my laptop to begin the day on an energizing note.


I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC

Favorite book(s)

My favorite novel is "Pachinko" by Min Jin Lee.

Favorite sports team(s)

My different sports fandoms have evolved as I have moved around the country - I cheer for the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres, Philly 76ers and Carolina Panthers.

Favorite travel destination

I spent a summer in college in Germany and fell in love with the food, the culture, and (especially) the beer. I can’t wait to get back.

My pet(s)

I have a dog named Jalapeño who we call Holly.

What’s your Vynamic color?

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