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G Tharp

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My Vynamic color

Eastern Bluebird Blue / #668bcc

My name is G and I am a Health Industry Management Consultant working at the convergence of Health Equity, Strategic Planning and Mobilization, Change Management, and Digital Transformation.

New York, NY

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Health Industry sector experience

Life Sciences; Health Services

Vynamic service expertise

Strategic Planning & Mobilization; Culture Creation; Tech & Digital Transformation

Favorite Vynamic event

Community Action Day (CAD) - service and giving back to the community that I live in has always been an important part of my life. CAD provides all Vynamos the ability to do just that.

Professional passion

Leveraging data and analytics to drive strategy and change.

Why I joined Vynamic

I joined Vynamic for its culture of authenticity and collaboration. I knew that if I were to join I would be able to live and work as the best version of myself.

My Vynamic color

Eastern Bluebird Blue – While I have lived across the country, my family is primarily located in central Missouri where the Eastern Bluebird is the state bird.

Favorite local community event/tradition

The Upper West Side’s Open Streets program – During the summer, one of the main avenues in the Upper West Side (NYC) closes to traffic and opens to the community for live music, outdoor dining, playgrounds, and craft fairs. It’s a fantastic reminder of the neighborhood’s vibrancy and community.

Greatest lesson learned

That people don't care what you know until they know that you care.

Locations I've lived

Antananarivo (Madagascar), Ohio, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Missouri, Colorado, and New York (where I live now).

Where I unwind

Central Park - you can find me walk or running in the park nearly everyday of the week!

What’s your Vynamic color?

Vynamic is currently seeking new team members (and their chosen colors) to add to our diverse palette. Ready to join a team that prioritizes authenticity and individuality? Explore the skills and experiences we need to grow our team.