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Moses Adenaike

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My Vynamic color

Charismatic Crimson / #ce2127

Moses is a scientist, health industry management consultant and STEM empowerment advocate for marginalized communities.

Philadelphia, PA

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Health Industry sector experience

Life Sciences; Health Services

Vynamic service expertise

Change Management; Partnerships, Acquisitions, & Integrations; Product Launch; Technology Transformation; Strategic Planning & Mobilization

Health Industry areas of focus

Commercial: Operations & Strategy; Product Launch; Medical Affairs

Best early career advice received

Run your own race and focus on growth.

Favorite professional work experience

Designing a governance model for Medical Affairs for a midsized life science firm..

Why the health industry

Healthcare is paramount to the human experience and being able to make an impact in such a field is the most humbling experience.

Relevant technology expertise

Python, Active Directory, Modern Authentication (OKTA), Citrix Virtual Desktop, PowerApps, REST API development and WebApps

Relevant functional expertise

Life Sciences, Payers, Technology Transformation

App I can't live without


As a child, I wanted to be

A professional soccer player

Favorite quote(s)

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving nature's laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet. Funny, it seems to by keeping it's dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose that grew from concrete when no one else even cared - Tupac Shakur

Favorite restaurant(s)

Krave Bar and Lounge - DC, Soy95 - Curaçao, Reggae Reggae Vibes - Philly

My Vynamic color

Crimson is a bold yet humble color with a deep history and like me, crimson always increases the positive energy in any setting. This sense of uplifting charisma defines my motivational leadership approach.

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