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Natasha Fletcher

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My Vynamic color

Positive Periwinkle / #ccccff

Manager @ Vynamic | Partnering with health industry leaders to translate strategy into action

Baltimore, MD

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Health Industry sector experience

Health Services; Life Sciences

Favorite professional work experience

Completing a population-health focused administrative residency at the Temple University Health System during grad school. I learned invaluable skills from a wonderful group of colleagues, and I was able to interact with an amazing group of providers, staff, and patients throughout the experience. 

Best early career advice received

Ask questions early and often.

Why the health industry

I enjoy working to improve the accessibility to quality health care services for the most vulnerable members of the population.

Locations I've worked

Washington, D.C., Philly


Lancaster, PA – home of the best farmers’ markets and shopping outlets 

Favorite quote(s)

“Life’s too short to live the same day twice”.

Favorite travel destination

Cape Town, South Africa – truly the most beautiful country I’ve ever visited! 

I could teach you how to

Knit! I learned from my mom years ago, and I’m determined to knit a new sweater every year.

You may not have known

I have a twin sister (and we still don’t know if we’re identical or fraternal)!

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