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Nathan Carroll

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My Vynamic color

Emerald Green / #0F6E54

I am a Health Industry Consultant, motivated by complex challenges that have the potential to make a difference for patient experience & outcomes.

London, UK

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Health Industry sector experience

Health Technology; Life Sciences; Health Services

Vynamic service expertise

Change Management; Operating Model & Organisation Design; Strategic Planning & Mobilisation; Technology Transformation

Favorite professional work experience

Overseeing the operational readiness and transition processes for new healthcare facilities from initial planning through to Service Day-1.

Locations I've worked

UK, the US and Ireland

Why the health industry

I've always been driven by the core idea of bridging the gap between lab and patient. Working across the health industry allows me to "connect the dots" and improve patient outcomes.

Passionate About

Food - both the experience of discovering new restaurants and the process of making it from scratch.

Favorite book(s)

Thinking, Fast & Slow by Daniel Kahneman

App I can't live without


How I unwind

A sauna and cold plunge - nothing better to clear your mind!

I could teach you how to

Cook perfect roast potatoes

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