Vynamic’s motto is “Life is Short. Work Healthy.” To promote better balance, the zzzMail policy was created: employees are to refrain from sending emails to other employees between 10pm and 6am Monday through Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday, and all Vynamic holidays. In urgent matters, a call or text is preferred over email.

While it might sound counterintuitive, structured disengagement will fuel improved employee engagement. There are 3 primary reasons that zzzMail has been so successful at Vynamic.

1. Telepressure is Real – Studies clearly show the adverse effects of constantly being connected and not allowing your body to recover from the activities of the day.
2. A Healthier Workplace – Many companies unknowingly foster an environment where employees feel obligated to be constantly connected.
3. Not a Curfew – Rather than a work curfew, all employees are encouraged to work when they want, yet refrain from the act of sending emails during certain hours.

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