Vynamic’s motto is “Life is Short. Work Healthy.” To promote better balance, the zzzMail policy was created: team members are to refrain from sending emails to other team members between 10pm and 6am Monday through Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday, and all Vynamic holidays. In urgent matters, a call or text is preferred over email.

While it might sound counterintuitive, structured disengagement will fuel improved team member engagement. There are 3 primary reasons that zzzMail has been so successful at Vynamic.

1. Telepressure is Real – Studies clearly show the adverse effects of constantly being connected and not allowing your body to recover from the activities of the day.
2. A Healthier Workplace – Many companies unknowingly foster an environment where employees feel obligated to be constantly connected.
3. Not a Curfew – Rather than a work curfew, all employees are encouraged to work when they want, yet refrain from the act of sending emails during certain hours.

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