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Management Consultant – Executive

As an Executive at Vynamic you can expect to have the following responsibilities:

  • Leads initiatives by ensuring team members understand team and individual goals and responsibilities, managing priorities and ensuring timely completion and quality of work
  • Advises executive level clients on short and long-term firm-wide strategic decisions and ensures alignment between strategy and execution of plan, in partnership with project team and client
  • Sets projects direction and strategy based on client vision and expected outcomes with no guidance or oversight
  • Creates cultures of creativity and innovation by leading cross team and cross account collaboration, supporting team risk-taking, challenging assumptions, experimenting, and executing new ideas
  • Creates a memorable and worthwhile experience as a masterful presenter
  • Ability to identify and bring internal conflict to a healthy resolution
  • Cultivates and embodies a healthy team culture that supports Vynamic
  • Develops team’s talent by delegating appropriately, empowering team to take initiative, and coaching team members in their development and careers
  • Shares expertise to help achieve business development goals
  • Cultivates relationships within and outside of client project team to support account goals and broader Vynamic goals
  • Provides clear expectations for quality and performance and assesses and addresses development needs of project team by providing feedback and coaching
  • Champions recruiting of high performing candidates
  • Shapes Vynamic long-term success through significant sales growth
  • Cultivates reputation as Thought Leader in management consulting, healthcare industry sector and Vynamic service
  • Promotes collaboration across organization and breaks down silos


  • A bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 12+ years of experience at a leading consulting firm; Big 4 experience preferred OR 15+ years of healthcare industry specific experience with commensurate skills applicable towards consulting
  • Relevant functional experience in leading and delivering projects in one or more of Vynamic’s service offering areas or sectors
  • Experience operating as a trusted strategic advisor to organization decision-makers on short and long-term organizational initiatives
  • Significant presentation experience in front of executive-level
  • Ability to drive business growth for a new client, new relationship, or new part of the business OR expertise as a leader in Vynamic services or sectors through published work, speaking engagements or cross-organizational learnings
  • Understanding of Vynamic services and sectors including best practices, strategies and approach, common challenges and how to overcome them
  • Understanding of the Healthcare industry, including how each sector works together, interdependencies, emerging trends, and key challenges
  • Ability to make connections with Vynamic projects and capabilities to bring forward value-added solutions to client delivery and/or business development
  • Experience identifying risk (i.e. reputation, compliance, confidentiality) and developing appropriate mitigation strategies
  • Culture curator who embodies the Vynamic Brand and Values and puts the V-team first
  • Ability to be fearless and take calculated risks
  • Ability to remain optimistic through challenges and adversity