Building an Industry-Changing Patient Innovation Hub

The Challenge

Patient centricity is no longer a buzzword. It’s redefining how the pharmaceutical industry operates. It’s vital that organizations integrate the patient perspective into the fabric of the industry to drive meaningful change. Only by actively listening to patients, integrating their perspectives into the fabric of your company, and developing solutions to help them can organizations truly impact outcomes for patients and their families. Patient-focused efforts have also been known to drive improvements in revenue; HCP, payer, and patient trust; and employee retention.

There are barriers to improving patient centricity, but significant opportunities exist to improve patient outcomes across their continuum of care. A large, global pharmaceutical client partnered with Vynamic to set up a patient innovation hub to find a better way of developing patient-focused solutions to improve patient outcomes.  

The Approach

Vynamic focused on four key areas as a part of the approach for this engagement: 

1. Strategy Development: This involved the interviewing of several cross-functional and senior stakeholders across the healthcare industry to develop the strategic vision, objectives, and priorities for the program.  

2. Brand Creation: Vynamic helped the client develop a bold, yet humble brand personality inclusive of persona, materials, and collateral to help bring the initiative to life and resonate with internal and external audiences.

3. Bringing the Outside In: Vynamic performed a peer benchmarking analysis both within and outside of the healthcare industry to help shape the initiative. A critical component of this was listening to the patient voice through patient councils, and integrating these insights into the program to make sure it was a success.

4. Rollout of the Initiative: Vynamic developed a comprehensive communications strategy involving several innovative tactics and communication channels including conferences, web, social, and other marketing channels.

The Result

The client considers Vynamic as a true strategic thought partner through this industry-changing, innovative initiative aimed at improving care for patients. 

An immediate result was an improved patient solution creation through the establishment of a patient innovation hub. The program has had such great success, that it is set to expand in the coming years to more therapeutic areas and geographies across the world.  

The long-term impact of this program is optimizing the way patient solutions are developed. Several studies are in progress, involving over 1,000 patients across several different therapeutic areas. The results of all the studies will be published for the benefit of the broader healthcare community to ultimately improve patient outcomes and impact patient lives.  

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