Case Study

New Therapy Data Strategy Implementation


Poised to expand greatly into specialty care, a large pharmaceutical client was looking to implement a newly developed data strategy. This data strategy targeted effectiveness, consistency and acquiring the data needed for their evolving portfolio. Traditionally, insights for our client’s portfolio were pulled together from a variety of offline sources and processes. Instead, our client desired a single source of truth that would enable true business intelligence and analytics. To ensure a successful roll-out and to realize the program’s full potential, our client was in need of flexible program management and guidance to work with diverse stakeholders in order to execute the new data strategy.


Vynamic prioritized the list of desired tools and capabilities available to enable the new data strategy. After gathering preliminary input on each stakeholders’ priorities, Vynamic facilitated workshops to determine prioritization for each next phase and communicate a view of what is possible based on budget, timelines, and interdependencies.

Vynamic leveraged deep experience in program management, vendor management, and organizational change to prioritize and coordinate project efforts. Managing risks, issues, and opportunities for the client and its vendors, Vynamic fostered efficiencies and project cohesiveness across the entire program, which was essential for a successful and cost-effective implementation.


By driving a timely implementation of the new data strategy, Vynamic enabled the enhancement of patient experience and care, the capitalization on market opportunities, and the realization of efficiencies resulting from broad data insights and analytics.

Some specific results achieved include:

  • Developed project plan and aligned efforts with strategic partners to drive implementation
  • Led the structuring of business rules to align with top priorities, new business potential areas, and mining of claims and testing data
  • Ensured all required compliance reviews were completed to release assets for field sales in a timely manner
  • Led the transition and integration of messages explaining key claims data into the CRM system