Case Study

Enabling Sales Teams Through Effective Customer Pitch Materials

Vynamic created a powerful value proposition and evidence-based pitch deck to help a client win new customers for its Consumer Drug Information Solution that was designed to improve consumer engagement through applied DEI principles, consumer-centric language, and everywhere access.

The Challenge

Today’s consumers are increasingly proactive when it comes to understanding their health. They are more empowered, digitally demanding, and are actively seeking information they can trust. To address this need, Vynamic’s client, a global leader in evidence-based clinical content, partnered with one of the world’s largest technology companies to optimize its drug information solution to be the preeminent source for high quality, consumer-centric education. 

The intent of this groundbreaking partnership was to leverage best-in-class consumer insights to transform the way drug information – such as how a drug works in the body, or potential interactions with food, medications, alcohol, and cannabis – was presented to consumers across mobile, web, apps, devices, etc. This involved enhancing the content to be more person-centered, culturally sensitive, equitable, and easy to understand to foster inclusivity, increase understanding, and prompt action. 

Recognizing the commercial and societal benefits of such a consumer health education tool, the client sought to showcase the market-leading solution and create a value proposition and pitch deck as quickly as possible. This would then be deployed by their sales force to attract new health system, retail pharmacy, health plan, and healthcare tech customers interested in consumer-centric drug information that increases health literacy, reduces barriers, and reflects organizational DEI values.   

The client knew that failure to properly understand and express the proposition in pitches would mean a missed opportunity to capitalize on this novel product’s full potential. To ensure success, they turned to Vynamic who, with a nimble approach, experience in providing Go-To-Market Strategy services, and cross-sector expertise, was well-positioned to deliver quickly.   

The Approach

Vynamic has considerable expertise in identifying and understanding B2B and end-consumer needs, and distilling data-driven insights into value propositions that resonate with potential new customers.  

Vynamic’s approach to this project focused on three key areas: 

Landscape Assessment & Product Definition 

Vynamic laid the foundation through a high-level assessment of market trends and competitive analysis, combined with in-depth interviews among clinical content and technology teams to codify the anticipated content enhancements. Anchoring on insights regarding guidelines for inclusive language, cultural competence, and consumer trends, Vynamic created the key tenets of value for this enhanced person-centered health information solution.

Value Proposition & Tailored Messaging 

From this research, Vynamic created a succinct, high-impact value proposition, supported by a series of evidence-based proof points that positioned the client’s new Consumer Drug Information Solution as the preeminent product in the market.  

Building on the value proposition, Vynamic developed a customizable product portfolio story that could be modified within the pitch deck to address the unique needs of different customer segments. This also included tailored, benefit-led messaging most relevant to each identified target audience.  

Sales Enablement Materials   

Alongside the new pitch deck, Vynamic produced sales reference materials to help shape effective pitches and guide customer discussions at all levels of the organization.  

The Result

Vynamic turned around all deliverables in just a few weeks, giving the client’s sales teams the materials, messages, and evidence they needed to capitalize on the announcement of their unique partnership and target new customers. Subsequently, key elements of the value prop and pitch deck have been integrated into external marketing channels.  

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