Case Study

Operating Model and Playbook


Medical Affairs Director at a large pharmaceutical company was looking to create an operating model for the company-wide transition of products in their late-lifecycle portfolio. This company required a Global Medical Affairs (GMA)-owned, adaptable, and modular framework that integrates with all business functions and leverages industry best practices.


Vynamic leveraged deep expertise in organizational change to create a business case for a new model in Medical Affairs and identified the core team as well as their roles and responsibilities. We also incorporated our understanding of current industry best practices through both an external peer benchmark and an internal company analysis. Vynamic then put the designed cross-functional operating model through a formal workshop with stakeholders to refine and rollout a Playbook. Lastly, Vynamic developed the key tools and training materials across the organization to maximize understanding.


Established a business transformation program to raise organizational awareness of the need and role for an operating model.

Created an Established Product Transition Framework.