Patient Journey Mapping

The Challenge

A major teaching hospital wanted to better understand the end-to-end journey its patients experience for an inpatient stay. The client hoped to represent the voice of the patient, without bias or filter, identifying areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.

Our Approach

Vynamic’s phased approach pushed the envelope for this client, introducing their organization to new methods of capturing and sharing patient experience. Specifically, Vynamic:

  • Collaborated with numerous key stakeholders and leadership across three service lines to spark support for the initiative
  • Conducted extensive observations over a multi-week period, alongside client team members
  • Synthesized observations to identify patterns and potential opportunities for further study
  • Created multi-level, multi-media, multi-path patient journey maps that showcased care through the eyes of real patients

These four critical factors ensured successful program execution:

Robust Change Management

Developed practical and empathetic communications approach, in collaboration with client leadership

Aligning With Client Culture

Worked within client’s singular culture to ensure buy-in and sincere reception of results

Thinking Outside The Box

Pioneered new approaches to capture and represent patient experience, including video, animation, and mystery patients

Engaging Client Team

Trained client team on observation methodology to ensure longer-term success of patient journey mapping

The Results

Vynamic’s unique approach helped the client understand both where they do well and where they can target to improve patient experience. As a result of our assessment, the client is now undertaking major patient experience initiatives across the health system.

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