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Accelerating the delivery of omnichannel capabilities across European markets

The challenge

Enhancing the performance of omnichannel activities is now a priority for many life sciences companies.   

The oncology business unit of a large, global biopharmaceutical company with main offices in the United Kingdom and Switzerland was seeking to optimize delivery of personalized customer experience to HCPs by accelerating the scaling of omnichannel capabilities across priority markets. The client was also interested in delivering an even more standardized, orchestrated, and impactful customer experience across brand and franchises.  

Solving this challenge would enable the client to create more efficiencies within the market teams that are working on omnichannel and support the alignment between the global initiatives and challenges faced by the local teams.  

Making sure that what was delivered could be measured would be one of the key success criteria for this project.  

The approach

Vynamic approached this challenge in the following ways:  

  1. Assessing the current situation at global and local levels
  2. Leveraging rather than recreating existing initiatives that have been working well so far
  3. Focusing on areas that can have a concrete impact, and ensuring that actions can be assessed, quantified, and shared internally across the organization  

Vynamic also focused on multiple different priorities: 

  1. Work closely with the local teams to ensure the transfer of capabilities to the market and facilitate the rollout of campaigns by the local teams
  2. Support experience and best practice sharing across countries in Europe by organizing regular working sessions with omnichannel leaders in each priority market
  3. Develop a reporting dashboard for the European leadership team to be able to track the performance of the campaigns and assess their impact at a regional level

In the rollout approach taken, Vynamic partnered closely with the global and local brand teams, medical teams, insights and analytics teams, customer excellence teams, and the digital innovation team. 

The result

The immediate result of this project was a more standardized way of working for the local omnichannel market teams. Communication between the global and local stakeholders improved and empowered local teams to become accountable for the delivery of omnichannel campaigns in their market.  

Vynamic helped design and deliver simplified, effective, and replicable omnichannel processes and structures with a positive impact on local teams and their customers. The client has begun to see a reduction in time to design and roll out the campaigns, as well as increased savings for the local markets.  

As the project evolves, Vynamic expects to see an increase in HCP satisfaction and perceived valued delivered through the omnichannel campaigns, as well as an increase in local market revenues.

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