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Developing a compelling go-to-market strategy in home and community-based care

A large home and community-based care provider saw an opportunity to distinguish itself in a highly fragmented market as the preferred joint venture partner to health systems looking to adopt a transformative post-acute strategy. Read how Vynamic created a go-to-market strategy that positioned this client at the forefront of a shift towards high quality, home-based care, all while reducing the total cost of care.

The challenge

Health systems across the country are under increasing financial and operational pressures that have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. One area of strain that became evident was the deficit in health system capabilities to shorten acute care inpatient hospital stays to transition patients safely to high-quality post-acute care. With a growing, aging population, health systems saw the strategic importance of extending their care continuum to enable cost effective care in the home, where most patients want to be and where they can enjoy a better quality of life.  

Our client, a large home and community-based care provider, saw an opportunity to distinguish itself in a highly fragmented market as the preferred joint venture (JV) partner to health systems looking to adopt a transformative post-acute strategy. Yet leaders within the organization had not yet taken the step to build a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that would provide the strategic focus for health system targeting and effective partnership discussions.  

To help realize the opportunity in JVs, the client engaged Vynamic to create a go-to-market strategy that prioritized which health system partnerships to pursue, defined how to pitch solutions to the priority needs of target health system archetypes, and outlined how to articulate the value of a JV partnership in a clear, compelling, and repeatable way.  

Vynamic was well-positioned to help our client address these challenges due to our depth of knowledge of the healthcare market plus expertise in developing go-to-market strategies.  

The approach

Vynamic has formed a true partnership with this organization over the last several years including the support of many strategic initiatives including operating model definition, leadership transitions, creating new service offerings, and revamping employee benefits. Building on that relationship, we were entrusted with this exciting and important work that would lead to thousands of vulnerable people minimizing in-hospital time and receiving high-quality care in their homes.  

To tackle the project, Vynamic employed our Go-To-Market Strategy service, which uses a data-driven approach to help clients identify and size their market, understand customer needs, and create an authentic value proposition that has a powerful impact.  

Our work followed a three-step approach: 

Defining the market

Vynamic began by surveying 100 health systems to understand their post-acute and home health priorities, drivers for decision making, and awareness and perceptions of different home health brands. We also scanned all publicly available information to evaluate competitors’ joint-venture partnerships and their positioning.    

Using this data, we crystallized customer segments and defined archetypes based on common characteristics, behaviors, drivers, and needs. Combining these insights with key internal stakeholder feedback, Vynamic identified a clear market opportunity that focused on two types of hospital and health system partners.  

Designing the value proposition

Having identified ideal customer types, we created in-depth profiles of key stakeholders at potential partner organizations, clarifying their priorities and how they would likely respond to pitches.

Using these insights, we developed a compelling value proposition that reflects the organization’s strong values-led approach and performance-driven culture. All claims were supported by qualitative and quantitative data. Collecting, analyzing, and articulating data from across the organization in one cohesive set of slides saves the client significant time in assembling pitches.

Finally, the value proposition was refined and validated using feedback from internal teams and potential customer responses, then tailored for different scenarios and audiences.

Training and enabling execution

Once Vynamic finalized the go-to-market materials, we trained senior leaders and frontline sales team members on the new value proposition and messaging and advised them how to use the content with various target stakeholders. The project deliverables included a customizable pitch deck with talking points along with a user guide for adapting the deck and having effective conversations.

Vynamic also supported the client marketing team by identifying a full-service communications agency with expertise in healthcare to create a multichannel marketing campaign that included thought-leadership, PR, digital channels, and paid media.

The result

Vynamic’s comprehensive Go-To-Market Strategy service has given the client a clear understanding of the market, a differentiated value proposition that truly reflects their organization, and the materials and strategy to execute in a competitive market.

The sales team has been utilizing the pitch materials for the last year and has secured multiple new joint ventures with like-minded health system partners. The client is now at the forefront of a shift towards a future that puts high quality, home-based care at the center of healthcare, all while reducing the total cost of care.

Furthermore, the project was so successful that the value proposition and brand story shaped around it have supported the client in other areas of the business. In particular, it has strengthened the client’s hand during contract negotiations, leading to rate increases with over 40% of the client’s largest payers.

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