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From strategy to execution: Delivering an omnichannel transformation

The challenge

How many times per day are you contacted by your favorite brands? Are those messages connected and aligned, or repetitive? How do those interactions make you feel as a customer?

Life Sciences companies are being forced to evolve the way they engage with their customers – healthcare professionals (HCP), caregivers, and patients alike. HCPs are being inundated with countless emails, alerts, calls, and more, all vying for their time and attention. Sending a blast email to a broad group of customers is simply not effective anymore. One customer may prefer one type of content, through a specific communication channel, at a specific day and time, while another will have their own unique preferences.

By seeking to understand these broader customer trends and challenges, our client aimed to provide more personalized and relevant content to its customers, to improve engagement and impact, across all their brands and therapeutic areas.

Improving customer experience by utilizing an integrated omnichannel approach is challenging. It requires several capabilities, numerous teams and skillsets, and a willingness to think differently and work collaboratively.

The approach

Vynamic partnered with our client to define, mobilize, and execute an enterprise omnichannel transformation spanning multiple workstreams, including insights and analytics, content strategy, modular content, promotional review, orchestration, and measurement, across both commercial and medical teams.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach for omnichannel transformations, so we designed a customized implementation approach that would maximize internal adoption for our client’s organization.

Specific areas of focus included:

  • Omnichannel program strategy and governance to efficiently mobilize, socialize, and scale the transformation
  • Business case definition, pilots, and measurement to scope, test, and measure the various initiatives under this program, all laddering up to enterprise-level goals and metrics
  • Change adoption and new ways of working to communicate across stakeholders and upskill teams on new processes and systems
  • Omnichannel capability development to provide strategic subject matter expertise to develop and install various omnichannel capabilities, including insights and analytics, content strategy, and modular content
The result

Through a trusting and collaborative partnership with our client, Vynamic successfully:

  • Mobilized and launched an enterprise transformation program, spanning multiple years, with use cases aligned to organizational priorities
  • Stood up and connected multiple omnichannel capabilities across US & Global functions, across both commercial and medical spaces
  • Facilitated the development and launch of the client’s first multi-brand marketing campaign, establishing the ability to promote multiple products in a single asset
  • Developed a modular content capability, enabling speed to market, improved content efficiency, and increased content personalization, transforming the way the company creates, reviews, and approves content
  • Scaled the transformation from initial single capability MVPs to integrated omnichannel capabilities across therapeutic areas, customer segments, promotional channels, and more

Omnichannel transformation is a challenge many organizations are facing; but through this example, there is an opportunity to replicate these successes and share lessons learned for other Life Sciences companies that are seeking to improve their customers’ experience and engagement. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization achieve your strategic goals.

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