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Setting actionable go-to-market strategy to fuel a health plan’s growth

Taking a product or service into new markets is a high-stakes endeavor. Read how Vynamic helped a health plan manage risk and accelerate its efforts by collecting market intelligence, synthesizing diverse data points in a digestible market prioritization tool, and building consensus on strategic direction.

The challenge

A growing regional health plan set an ambitious growth goal for one of its specialized products. To achieve these goals, the leadership team needed to navigate a complex decision-making process, prioritize which markets to enter, and accelerate their go-to-market (GTM) efforts. They asked Vynamic to help them collect additional market intelligence, build consensus on strategic direction, and lastly, pivot from data points to critical decisions.

The approach

In the short-term, Vynamic equipped the client with a list of prioritized markets and deep insights about them. With this strategic focus, leaders launched early GTM activities such as building relationships with key stakeholders and pressure testing their messaging and positioning in the selected top markets. Long-term, Vynamic prioritized repeatability and scalability by creating a playbook and market selection tool for future GTM efforts.

Informed market selection efforts:
Vynamic supported market selection by using qualitative and quantitative analyses. Qualitatively, Vynamic facilitated a workshop of SMEs to evaluate critical factors for short-listed markets. Quantitively, Vynamic built an easy-to-use, customized tool that allowed for rapid scenario planning and analysis of real-time data. 

The custom market analysis tool: 

  • Consolidated thousands of quantitative data points, including insights into market demand, competitive presence, and provider network strength into an easy-to-use tool that is simple to update and maintain. 
  • Weighted 13 key variables to allow the client team to rapidly scenario plan and anticipate impact from shifting market factors. 
  • Accounted for qualitative feedback derived from discussions with internal and client experts in the industry.   
  • Produced impactful charts and maps of prioritized markets, based on the weighting inputs, that were easily presented to leadership to facilitate key go-to-market decisions.  
  • Enabled a data-informed selection of initial prioritized markets for expansion.

Analyzed the landscape and crystallized the client’s value proposition:
Having a deep understanding of the landscape and the competition is a critical step in any go-to-market plan. To do this, Vynamic conducted a competitive analysis which: 

  • Identified competitors across the initial prioritized markets and analyzed their strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Identified white space opportunities by leveraging details of competitors’ products and services. 
  • Profiled target customers by geography and industry. 

Vynamic then evaluated the strength of the current product value proposition against that of its competitors in the prioritized markets. Finally, by aligning the value proposition with the target customers’ needs, Vynamic recommended pitch priorities and positioning for each market to ensure differentiation.

Operationalized the go-to-market strategy:
After the client prioritized the initial target markets, Vynamic helped them to put it into action. To do so, we equipped the Sales team with critical materials such as customer engagement guides, market briefs, and refreshed pitch decks. Vynamic also created a ready-to-use playbook with detailed strategy and implementation recommendations. This playbook helped the client build a new internal GTM capability.  

The result

Through Vynamic’s support, the client not only has clear vision of their target markets and a unique value proposition, but is also equipped with repeatable, tactical execution plan to help ensure successful go-to-market endeavors that will ultimately contribute to their business growth goals. 

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