The Evolution of Digital Health and Lifeguard Health Networks – Oct 6, 2022

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Digital solutions have been a cornerstone of the healthcare industry for some time. In this episode, Mindy is joined by Vynamic’s Head of Healthcare Technology Sector, Mary Virzi, and special guest from Lifeguard Health Networks, Al Strohmetz, to discuss the interesting evolution, opportunities, and challenges in the digital health space. The discussion begins introducing Al Strohmetz and Lifeguard Health Network (0:40), then shifts to how digital health has changed over the last 10 years (2:47). Before diving deeply into these trends, Mindy, Mary, and Al discuss and define the meaning of digital health across different sectors (6:08). The conversation transitions to how COVID-19 has accelerated innovation and the adoption of telemedicine (8:00). Given this impact, it is discussed how the digital health space has become crowded and ways for companies to differentiate themselves for various audiences (10:50) while managing through some key market challenges (13:02). The team emphasizes the importance of patient engagement (17:40) and interoperability (20:43) in the success of these digital health products. The reality of how often providers are utilizing these tools in their practices (22:00) and what could help facilitate the adoption of digital offerings going forward (25:30) are discussed. At the end, the team identifies considerations for bringing a new digital health product into the market and what gaps these digital solutions can aim to address (30:15).


Podcast Tags: healthcare, healthcare news, digital health, COVID-19, health outcomes


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Mindy McGrath, Healthcare Industry Advisor

[email protected]

Mary Virzi, Head of Healthcare Technology

[email protected]

Al Strohmetz, Digital Health Executive at Lifeguard Health Network

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