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Boston Office

Boston’s healthcare scene is one of the fastest growing in the world. Its reputation as a healthcare hub makes it a great place for Vynamic to call home.

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Community Events

Spring 2019

Say Cheese!

The Boston team learned all about Cheese and Wine at a "Say Cheese" ThriveLive event. Vynamic welcomed David Robinson, a cheesemonger at Formaggio in Boston's South End. We learned about the history of cheese, cheese making, good wine pairings with cheese, and probably the most intriguing of all: the life and travels of a cheesemonger!

Why I am passionate about it:

I love entertaining, and have always wanted to be able to learn more about cheese and wine pairings to be able to better entertain friends and family. As it turns out, I’m not the only one at Vynamic who shares this interest. Not only was the team able to learn about different cheeses and wines, but we also learned a lot about the history of cheese and the life and travels of cheesemongers. I think we all left with a dream to travel the world tasting cheese!

Franciscan Children’s Hospital

The Boston team came together to host a craft party for our first ever Choose Your Own Community Adventure (CYOCA) event benefitting Franciscan Children’s Hospital. The opportunity to spend time with the incredible staff and fiercely brave patients at Franciscan’s was deeply inspiring.

Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

Vynamic co-sponsored the 2017 Emerging Leaders Fall Soirée


53 State Street
24th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
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53 State Street
24th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
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