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Boston’s healthcare scene is one of the fastest growing in the world. Its reputation as a healthcare hub makes it a great place for Vynamic to call home.

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Community Events

Summer 2020

Cooking While Looking – Boston

Vynamic Boston celebrated their Summer Thrive Live with a cooking class hosted by a local Boston favorite, Chef Johnny Burke of Johnny Burke Catering. The Vynamic team and our select sous chefs (dogs, kids, partners, etc.) sharpened our knives and grabbed our chef hats to whip up a gourmet three course meal.

Chef Johnny welcomed our team into his kitchen to teach us how to cook a vibrant summer salad, homemade ricotta gnocchi with shrimp, corn, and pesto, and an indulgent chocolate mousse. The evening was full of laughs, sweat (rolling gnocchi is quite the workout), and good eats with friends and family! Johnny was an incredible host and the event was the perfect balance of instruction and hands-on activity!


Why we are passionate about it: 

For me, cooking has always served as a way to bring people together. There is nothing more fulfilling than gathering with friends and family over a home-cooked meal. As a foodie, it is even more fun when someone welcomes you into their kitchen to teach you a new recipe that you can share with your loved ones. In these challenging times, we all miss gathering together and this event provided the perfect opportunity to share a delicious meal and toast with friends.



Winter 2020

The Swiss Eat Cheese and Chocolate

Vynamic Boston celebrated an afternoon of Swiss Culture, complete with a gourmet chocolate tasting from Beth Kirsch - Boston’s Chocolate Connoisseur & Founder of Beth’s Chocolate, and the preparation of traditional Swiss fondue & raclette (a semi-hard Swiss cheese prepared on a special grill and then scraped/poured over roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables, or cornichons).

Why we are passionate about it: 

Growing up (and to this day), my family was very passionate about our Swiss culture. From our holiday traditions to our deep love of chocolate, we celebrate that part of our heritage (and eat way too much Toblerone in the process). Fondue and raclette are traditional meals that we prepare in the winter months, and I’m excited to share those traditions with Vynamic at our Thrive Live. Both are very social foods that bring people together – and who doesn’t love a meal that’s 90% melted cheese?

My Dad grew up in Switzerland and many members of my extended family call it home. Switzerland is a beautiful country with a rich heritage, and growing up I spent a lot of time there visiting family. Sharing traditional foods with the Vynamic team and a little glimpse into Swiss culture is a fun and unique way to bring a little of my family background to Vynamic!



Franciscan Children’s Hospital

The Boston team came together to host a craft party for our first ever Choose Your Own Community Adventure (CYOCA) event benefitting Franciscan Children’s Hospital. The opportunity to spend time with the incredible staff and fiercely brave patients at Franciscan’s was deeply inspiring.

Career Collaborative

This year our Boston team had the opportunity to return to Career Collaborative for not only one but two CYOCA events, helping this organization achieve its mission of teaching unemployed and underemployed adults with low-income jobs how to build careers that change their lives and strengthen their families.


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53 State Street
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Boston, MA 02109
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