Healthcare consumerism and the ongoing shift to value-based care place the patient experience at the center of provider interactions. To be competitive, providers must enable a frictionless digital patient journey, enabling seamless patient interactions across all engagement channels.

The volume of healthcare data continues to multiply. Industry experts expect healthcare data annual growth rates to surpass 36% by 2025, outpacing many other industries. With rapid amounts of data generation, healthcare providers should position themselves to turn volumes of patient data into meaningful insights, predicting patient needs, and improving decision making. The use of Artificial Intelligence will make it easier for healthcare organizations to leverage data insights.

Vynamic’s Digital Experience & Analytics offering enables healthcare providers to optimize the digital experience for patients, while yielding actionable analytics for providers and caregivers.

What We Do

Digital Experience

  • Patient Experience
  • Digital Front Door
  • SEO Strategy
  • Telehealth
  • Digital Care Delivery Models
  • Digital Clinical Support Strategy (including after hours)
  • Virtual Triage Approach
  • Find a Provider Online Capability
  • Provider Ratings Evaluation
  • Mobile Experience Assessment
  • Online Access (Availability & Booking)
  • Technology & API Enabled Service
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Hospital at Home/Homecare Strategy
  • Omnichannel/CRM Strategy
  • AI Enabled Chatbots
  • Interoperability


  • AI Use Cases
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Data Visualization & Insights
  • Patient Engagement Predictability Models
  • Web Analytics/User Abandonment Monitoring
  • Reporting & KPI Monitoring

How We Help

Define Personas for Evaluation

Vynamic works with clients to prioritize a list of internal and external user personas for evaluation.

Conduct Journey Mapping for Targeted Personas

For each of the identified personas we’ll outline an end-to-end journey map capturing interaction points and data shared throughout the process.

Identify Gaps in Persona Journey and End-to-End Analytics Experience

We then carefully analyze each persona’s current state experience with the client organization, identifying weaknesses, workflow breakdowns, and opportunities for improving interactions and analytics.

Develop Enhanced Analytics Roadmap and Future State Persona Journey

Our team then collaborates with the client to develop a future state roadmap to support digital persona enhancements and analytics improvements.

Implement, Monitor, & Iterate

We believe it is crucial to instill an environment of ongoing improvement. We leave clients with tracking assets and processes to manage implementation progress and monitor post implementation success