At Vynamic, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) is part of our values and culture. We’re building a community inclusive of many voices for our team members, our clients, and the neighborhoods in which we live.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Vision

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are intrinsic to who we are and how we work.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Mission

To cultivate an environment that invites authenticity, celebrates unique perspectives, and fosters belonging.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion at Vynamic
Highlighted DEI Programming
Monthly Discussion Forum
A Public Policy Discussion on Women's Healthcare and Access

In anticipation of the upcoming US Supreme Court ruling on overturning Roe v. Wade, the Vynamic community gathered last week for a public policy discussion on the implications the reversal of this long-standing healthcare policy could have on women’s healthcare access, the sectors we serve, and the work that we do as healthcare industry management consultants. Led by Amal Bass, Director of Policy & Advocacy at Women’s Law Project, we examined the shifts this may necessitate in our healthcare system, the potential ripple effects and broad consequences, as well as tangible ways we can take action as individuals.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Religious Diversity in the Workplace & A Spotlight on Passover

The Vynamic DEI community met to learn more about the Jewish holiday of Passover – celebrating the Jewish people’s journey from slavery to freedom, and highlighting our obligation to teach the next generation about history, engage with our community, and ask questions. We’re reminded of our Vynamic Value, Learning: We will learn by daring to think big when we challenge ourselves to be curious and creative about who we are.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Religious Diversity in the Workplace & A Spotlight on Islamic Holidays

As the holy Islamic month of Ramadan approaches, the Vynamic DEI community gathered to discuss religious diversity in the workplace and how this can impact an individual’s day to day routine. Ramadan is an exciting time of the year for Muslims across the world, and Vynamic enjoyed learning more about this joyful time for the Islamic community.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Demystifying Critical Race Theory

In recognition of Black History Month and our broader commitment to DEI, our team met to discuss Critical Race Theory. In this session, we drove clarity around what CRT is and is not, and how we can use it to better understand intersectionality and various perspectives across business, pop-culture, education, and other areas of life.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Inclusion in a Multicultural, Global Workplace

Names should not need to be familiar to be accepted. The Vynamic DEI community met for a discussion around Inclusion in a Multicultural, Global Workplace, diving into some foundational elements of our identity, including names and accents, and why it’s so important to get name pronunciations right.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Religious Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

The Vynamic DEI community met to discuss Religious Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace, how it can contribute to a person’s identity, and how we can unite to foster a more inclusive environment.

Monthly Discussion Forum
A Conversation on Disability, Accessibility, and Ableism

National Disability Employment Awareness Month is observed each October to commemorate the many contributions of people with disabilities to America’s workplaces and economy, as well as to encourage discussion on key topics such as accessibility. The Vynamic DEI community met in observance to discuss disability, accessibility, and ableism in the workplace and beyond.

Cross-Sector Spotlight
The Integral Role of DEI

Vynamic’s healthcare sector communities came together with Roots To Revolution for a cross-sector discussion on the integral role DEI plays in our client work. After learning the complex history of factual events like Medical Apartheid in America and how public policies have impacted BIPOC, our Heads of Sector hosted a round-table session on how these topics manifest within the five sectors of healthcare. The actionable goal was to ensure this conversation continues into client work to bring maximum value to our clients.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Examining Privilege

The DEI community gathered for “Examining Privilege” – an informational discussion about each of our relative privilege, how to talk about it, and how to use it to increase equity on our teams, with our clients, and in our communities.

Vynamic’s Gender Inclusion and Affirmation Policy

Vynamic’s DEI team recently conducted workshops titled “A Guide to Vynamic’s Gender Inclusion and Affirmation Policy” for all Vynamic account teams. This policy exists to ensure the safety, comfort, and healthy development of trans and gender non-conforming team members, while maximizing team members’ experience. This series was aimed to not only educate, as it is important that our full team have foundational understanding of gender and gender identity, and but also to provide an open space for Vynamic’s team members to ask questions, share experiences, and advance in our collective allyship journey. Everyone is respected and celebrated at Vynamic!

Monthly Discussion Forum
Straight, White Men in the Age of DEI

Last week the Vynamic DEI community gathered with Camille Leak from Real Talk & Brave Spaces for a facilitated conversation on Straight, White Men in the Age of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, including discussion on the wide range of feelings that may result from increased attention placed on DEI, realizations experienced by straight, white men throughout their DEI journey, and what is expected of those seeking to be allies.

Monthly Discussion Forum
The Loneliness Epidemic

The Vynamic DEI community met to talk about the health impact of loneliness at an individual and systemic level, causes for increased loneliness in today’s society, populations affected disproportionately by loneliness, and structural solutions to loneliness.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Cross-Cultural Communication

In honor of World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, the Vynamic DEI community gathered to discuss what cross-cultural communication is, why it’s important, how communication differs across cultures, and how this translates to the global work that we do.

Monthly Discussion Forum
What Does it Mean to be Latino/a/Latinx?

This month the DEI council hosted a thoughtful conversation around what it means to be Latino/a/Latinx, how this identity shows up in the workplace, and what true belonging looks like for a Latino/a/Latinx individual.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Disparities in Maternal Health

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Vynamic DEI team hosted two speakers for a panel discussion on maternal health disparities – Kassandra Margetis, LCSW-R, former Manager of Mental Health & Strategic Partnerships at the NYC Bureau of Maternal, Infant & Reproductive Health and Kendra Mitchell, an MFA candidate in the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC and currently working as Associate Producer on Maternity, an upcoming short film highlighting the black maternal mortality crisis.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Black History Month

Vynamic celebrated Black History Month with the theme of “What You Didn’t Learn in History Class”. Each week featured educational content and virtual coffee chats lead by members of our DEI Council anchored around three key themes – Life (Health Justice), Liberty (Social Justice), and The Pursuit of Happiness (Economic Justice).

Monthly Discussion Forum
Navigating Political Discussions & Diverging Opinions

With the holidays approaching, some may find themselves encountering family members and friends whose political views differ from their own. The Vynamic team discussed ways to tactfully and authentically engage in those conversations.

Monthly Discussion Forum
Cultural Appropriation

In advance of Halloween, the DEI team offered some brief education followed by discussion on how expanding one’s horizons and demonstrating appreciation of a culture is different from cultural appropriation. The team also discussed ways to talk to kids on what is an appropriate way to dress up as someone they admire for Halloween (i.e., musician, athlete, historical figure).

Monthly Discussion Forum
Maintaining the Momentum for Antiracism

In early June, protests broke out around the country and an incredible movement kicked off to collectively combat racism. The DEI team hosted a discussion on how to keep the momentum of this movement going and what actions individuals can take to continue to better themselves, their teams, and their communities.

Guest Speaker
Bonnie St. John – A Conversation on Resilience

As team members continue to navigate the work-from-home environment, Vynamic hosted Bonnie St. John, a best-selling author, public speaker, and former Paralympic skier. NBC Nightly News called Bonnie “one of the five most inspiring women in America”. Bonnie shared her personal journey, the lessons she learned about inclusion and resilience, and how individuals can become more inclusive and resilient in the face of challenges.

DEI Leadership

Meet the leads driving our DEI initiatives forward at Vynamic

Stefanie Christmas
Stefanie Christmas

Stefanie Christmas

Stefanie is a seasoned professional with a breadth of strategic planning and organizational effectiveness experience in the public and private sector across multiple industries. Stefanie founded Vynamic’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion efforts in 2016, co-led the DEI Council since its inception in 2018, co-developed Vynamic’s DEI client offering and serves as a DEI Service Lead, and acts as Subject Matter Expert across the various DEI client engagements.

“Vynamic views diversity as multi-dimensional and intersectional. It includes all the differences that makes us one thriving community. We celebrate the uniqueness of each of our team members (no one color is the same!) and strive for every team member to feel a sense of belonging at Vynamic. I am immensely proud of the profound impact diversity, equity, and inclusion has made on our organization and for our clients.”

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Shannon Connolly
Shannon Connolly

Shannon Connolly

Shannon Connolly is a healthcare industry management consultant with 8+ years of experience in strategic planning and mobilization for global and US-based clients and has an extensive background in global healthcare plans. She currently co-leads Vynamic’s internal Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council, has co-developed Vynamic’s DEI client offering, and serves as a DEI Service Lead.

“The intersection between DEI efforts and business outcomes fascinates me – for too long this critical topic has been thought of as a ‘nice to have,’ and it is really refreshing to see DEI evolving into a strategic business imperative for both our own company and our clients. Having a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy not only improves the experience of Vynamic’s team members, but significantly impacts the outcomes of our work in the healthcare industry.”

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Matthew Howard
Matthew Howard

Matthew Howard

Matthew Howard is a healthcare industry management consultant with 7+ years of experience in customer experience, data collection & analysis, and clinical research innovation. He currently co-leads Vynamic’s internal Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Council and is helping open and establish the Vynamic Durham office.

“At Vynamic, “We believe there is a better way,” and that extends to our DEI approach as well. What I love about our DEI work at Vynamic is that we’re often looking at the outcomes of our actions and efforts. Our DEI work is never a ‘check the box activity,’ and it’s not just about ‘doing the right thing;’ we are anchored in creating meaningful change for our team and empower one another to carry that through to our clients and communities. “

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