Vynamic Vitals

To know Vynamic is to know what the “V” stands for—Values and Vitality.

Our Purpose

We believe there is a better way.

Our Values

living + leading + learning
+ growing + thriving

Our Vision

To be the healthiest company in the world.

"i am" Commitments

  • i am healthy in mind, body, and balance.
  • i am trusting in the best intentions of others.
  • i am having fun at work.
  • i am results-focused with the courage to do the right thing.
  • i am pursuing my greatest potential.
  • i am not afraid to fail forward.
  • i am responsible for the success of Vynamic.
  • i am making decisions for the long-term.
  • i am in control of where I work and what I do.
  • i am a member of a structured yet non-hierarchical team.