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Integrated Business Planning in Life Sciences – September 8, 2022

8 September 2022

To keep up with the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, it is critical for Life Science companies to identify ways to enhance and integrate business planning (IBP) across their operating functions. Mindy & Ryan are joined by Vynamic’s Dan Ahern and Owen Thomas to understand the why IBP is so important and explore how focusing on these processes can help organizations achieve their strategic and operational goals. The conversation begins with a detailed overview of IBP practices within Life Sciences organizations today (1:18), before transitioning into a broader conversation around the wide-reaching financial and efficiency gains if executed correctly (3:08). The group identifies key challenges that impact proper IBP planning processes, including supply chain disruptions and economic volatility (13:15). Finally, Dan and Owen discuss how organizations can anticipate and address these barriers by employing IBP best practices (16:08).



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