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Spotlight Trends: Whole Person Care

13 May 2021

Social, non-medical factors (including economic factors, neighborhoods, employment, and physical safety) play a major role in individual and population health – Jen, Mindy, and Ryan discuss how partnerships and technology solutions are addressing key social determinants of health, and what leaders should be thinking about as the system evolves its focus and investment in “whole person care.” The episode opens with a discussion of healthcare partnerships and innovations addressing food insecurity (01:44), housing instability (04:52), financial strain (07:40), and transportation (09:45). Complexity and fragmentation in both the healthcare and social services systems are driving a wave of innovations linking patients to social services at the point of care (12:40). As the industry continues to move toward whole person care, healthcare leaders should be considering how they harness data to determine ROI (16:50) and if their goals are best achieved through partnerships with local organizations (20:49).

Podcast Tags: healthcare, whole person care, social determinants, population health, public health

Source Links – Below, we’ve listed links to some of the stories and resources discussed on this show.

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