i am: Alicia DiValli

Alicia DiValli
Alicia DiValli


My Vynamic Color
Vibrant Cobalt

Healthcare sector experience
Providers, Health Plans 

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Engagement, Resilience and Well-being, Culture Building, Patient Emotional Harm, Patient Engagement, Customer Experience 

B.A. in Sociology and Women’s Studies, Princeton University; MPA, Columbia University

Favorite professional work experience
Standing up a new team of Dedicated Advisors to support clients in tailoring a workforce leadership strategy with their unique organizational goals in mind. It’s where I honed my leadership philosophy of enablement, ownership, and trust 

Industry association
SHSMD – Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development  

My Vynamic color
Vibrant Cobalt – This color achieves two semi-paradoxical things for me: it’s calming because it implies serenity and it’s energizing because of its vibrancy 

Trinidad and Tobago – born and raised 

Favorite travel destination
Dubrovnik, Croatia will always hold a special place in my heart – warm, friendly people and gorgeous landscape of the Adriatic Sea. You couldn’t ask for a more enthralling vacation

Hobby I’ve spent way too much time on
Landscaping my backyard from patted down dirt to a nicely manicured outdoor play/entertaining space. Thanks, Home Depot

A Boston best kept secret
Even though we no longer live in Boston, VeeVee in Jamaica Plain is the most perfect hidden gem of a restaurant. Delicious food, always, and warm, inviting ambiance 

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