i am: Dan Ahern

Dan Ahern
Dan Ahern


My Vynamic Color
Red Orange

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Favorite professional work experience
Moving to Israel and leading the supply chain team to completely turn around the operations, manage the cost P&L, and help stabilize the business within 12 months 

Locations I’ve worked
Portugal, Israel, UK, Australia, USA, Zambia, South Africa, Romania, El Salvador, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany 

Best early career advice received
Don’t fear failure, these are the times you learn the most. Be passionate about what you do and be the change you want to see. Don’t overlook the importance of kindness at work, it will build you the strongest relationships 

Why the Healthcare Industry
As a Type 1 diabetic, I have always been fascinated by the medicines I have taken throughout my life and the healthcare industry has always fascinated me because of this. Knowing that the end result of your work improves access and innovation in healthcare, thereby enabling people to live a healthy and normal life, highly motivates me 

My Vynamic color
Red Orange – It represents change and movement for me. I’ve spent the last few years living on the coast, and sunset and sunrise have always been my favorite times of day. They are moments of change but also of reflection, giving me the opportunity to be thankful for the time passed and excited about the future to come 

Favorite personal accomplishment
During the COVID lockdown, I started a side hustle by baking bread and pastries which were then sold in a local market on the weekends. This was a great creative outlet and gave me a chance to interact with people to keep sane during that difficult time! If you want to see some of the creations check out Sabor de Boca

My pet
Winston, my pet goldfish, has been going strong now for 10+ years 

London favorite
Ducksoup for the best seasonal food and atmosphere in London 

Favorite travel destination
Cape Town is my alltime favorite destination with incredible beaches, amazing food, great people, and vineyards not far away  

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