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Dan Catalano

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My Vynamic color

Night Sky Blue / #191970

Collaborative and Curious Health Industry Management Consultant.

Boston, MA

Get to know Dan.

Health Industry sector experience

Health Technology

Best early career advice received

Always be running towards your goals, never away from your fears.

Favorite professional work experience

Leading a week of client interviews in Bulgaria.

Keys for success

Stay curious.

Why the health industry

Working in the health industry allows me to utilize my skills on projects that help to directly benefit patients and consumers.

Favorite healthy activities

Hiking, Skiing, CrossFit

Favorite sports team(s)

New England Patriots by a mile

Favorite travel destination

I try to get to Newport, Rhode Island as many times as I can in the summer for cliff-walking, fishing, and seafood.

I could teach you how to

Catch a fish off a pier or from the shore - No idea how to deep-sea fish yet!

Local best kept secret

Modern Underground is a speakeasy underneath Modern Pastry in Boston's North End.

What’s your Vynamic color?

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