i am: Dan Genel

Dan Genel
Dan Genel


My Vynamic Color
Blue Screen

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Clinical Operations, Clinical Trial Electronic Data Capture and Management, Multi-channel Marketing, Pharmacy Benefits Management Prior Authorization

Select functional expertise
Outsourcing Transition and Operations, Process Design, SharePoint, Systems Integration, Vendor Selection and Management, Electronic Data Capture

Past employment

Haverford College B.A.

Favorite pastime
Road biking

My Vynamic role
In addition to consulting, leads internal technology for Vynamic

My family
Wife Tanya and children Drew and twins Alexander and Ryan

Famous at Vynamic for
Creating our internal SharePoint collaboration site

I could teach you how to
Do most things on your computer or with your technology gadgets

Bottom line
I have experience working through the full life-cycle of a pharma product, including drug discovery, clinical trials, marketing, sales, prior authorization and reimbursement

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