i am: Eileen Smith

Eileen Smith
Eileen Smith

My Vynamic Color
Lemon Zest

Select functional expertise
Project Management, Strategic Planning, Systems Implementation, Business Process Design

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

My professional passion
Teaming up to capitalize on unique opportunities by challenging existing ways of thinking

Community causes
Board member on the The Bee Foundation for brain aneurysm awareness, research, and education

Pennsylvania State University

Conferences recently attended
The World Healthcare Congress

My pet
My inherited cat, Chicken Nugget

You may not have known
I was a competitive racewalker and even went to USATF Junior Olympics for the event. Ask me about proper form!

Favorite Vynamic event
Being announced on the field at Citizens Bank Park and dancing on the dugout with the Phanatic as part of our bi-annual Summit Up company meeting!

Past employment

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