i am: Ellen Contois

Ellen Contois
Ellen Contois

My Vynamic Color

Healthcare sector experience
I’ve worked on major health and human service implementations for state governments, including business process redesign and training development for Medicaid and SNAP/TANF programs

Favorite professional work experience
Delivering hands-on system and business process training to hundreds of state staff on an Integrated Eligibility release. Knowing that the staff manage benefit issuances for public assistance programs made my change management role very significant

My Vynamic color
This exact color is the official shade of maroon at Boston College. Growing up as a BC legacy and now as an alumna, half of my wardrobe is – and has always been – this color

Spanish – I was a Hispanic Studies major in college and spent a semester in Granada, Spain

As a child, I wanted to be a
Veterinarian first, then an editor

My industry passion
Public Health. Seeing the tangible impacts that my team’s work has created for the betterment of citizens in need

Unusual past job
Floral Clerk at local supermarket

A Boston Best Kept Secret
Crepes at Paris Creperie and sweet tea at Smokehouse Magnolia in Brookline

Recently learned how to
Create rustic nail and string art, kudos to the DIY Bar on a recent trip to Portland, OR. Great wall decoration!

Boston favorite
I love how much Boston is loved, and that it’s the #3 most livable city in the country (and MA is the #1 state!) according to 2017 rankings

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