i am: Ellen Contois

Ellen Contois
Ellen Contois


My Vynamic Color

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences, Public Health, Healthcare Technology

Past employment
Deloitte Consulting

Boston College, Political Science & Hispanic Studies

Best early career advice received
“Less is more.”

My favorite Vynamic experience event
2020 Boston All-Star Party at Fox & the Knife

Rules to live by
“90% of life is just showing up.”

Athletic pursuits
Does Peloton count?

As a child, I wanted to be a
A veterinarian, only to find out my allergies had other plans

Unusual past job
Florist at a local grocery store

My Vynamic color
This exact color is the official shade of maroon at Boston College. Growing up as a BC legacy, and now as an alumna, this color has always taken up a sizable portion of my closet.

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