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Emily Heffernan

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My Vynamic color

Winter Sky Blue / #C4DBE5

Living. Leading. Learning. Growing. Thriving. Our definition of healthy is the sum of our five values. We will thrive with the freedom to explore our unique strengths.

Boston, MA

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Favorite professional work experience

Planning and executing a MBA graduation in Davos, Switzerland.

Favorite Vynamic event

Summit Up!

Keys for success

Authenticity. It is the quality I've admired most in the leaders I've worked with, and something I strive for myself.

Professional passion

I love working at the intersection of team member experience and business operations- its been a passion area for me most of my career.

Why I joined Vynamic

The passion the Vynamic team showed for solving critical problems in the health industry, and for working with one another.

Favorite travel destination

Mexico City, Mexico.

How I unwind

Spending time outside- especially in the garden.

I could teach you how to

Speak French.

Certified as

A Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach.

My Vynamic color

Winter Sky Blue- the color of the sky on a clear winter day and my favorite time to hike with my family. We have a tradition of going on a hike on New Year's Day.

What’s your Vynamic color?

Vynamic is currently seeking new team members (and their chosen colors) to add to our diverse palette. Ready to join a team that prioritizes authenticity and individuality? Explore the skills and experiences we need to grow our team.