i am: Felice Walter

Felice Walter
Felice Walter

My Vynamic Color
Chimayo Chile

Healthcare sector experience
Life Sciences

Healthcare sector areas of focus
Insights and Analytics

Little known fact
Before moving to Delaware and joining Vynamic, I used to commute from Hawaii to San Francisco, Miami, and New York

Locations I’ve worked
New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Tampa, Boston, Wilmington

Recently learned to
Make ceramics using the potter’s wheel, track wild mustangs in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and address wedding invitations using modern calligraphy

My Vynamic color
In New Mexico, our chile peppers are famous. The chile ripens in the southwestern sun turning from green to red. The red chile is typically ground to a beautiful shade of red. Chimayó Chile is sacred in my family and it is common to have with most meals. I love the color and for me it represents my cultural heritage.

My family
My husband, Gavin – we met in 7th grade

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I can’t live without

Boston University College of Engineering

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