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Building a global launch excellence framework

A solid strategic foundation is critical to a successful launch, and a team’s core foundational elements are its guiding light to turn to throughout a launch during times of complexity. Read how Vynamic helped a global pharmaceutical company’s launch team define an overall vision that tied back to a shared purpose and core values.

The challenge

A global pharmaceutical company had an active oncology pipeline with numerous launches anticipated in the next five years. As the first few indications progressed towards market, it became clear that the Global Oncology business unit lacked a consistent launch planning approach across assets. As a result, approaches varied significantly between brands, and communication between Global and local market launch teams was suboptimal. Previous internal attempts at creating structure and frameworks had struggled, and not been broadly adopted throughout the organization. The company lacked a foundation for launch excellence that was built on an established sense of purpose, strong values, and a clear vision.

Due to the rapid growth of the Oncology business, brand teams were rapidly forming, and many team members were newer to launch. Teams desired clear, easy-to-use guidance around launch that was grounded on an integrated Launch Excellence Framework that would help to optimize launch performance across brands while providing a consistent approach across each individual launch team. Vynamic was asked to help design and implement a Launch Excellence Framework for a portfolio of future global launches within the oncology market.

The approach

In partnering with this global pharmaceutical company to set the foundation for future launches via Vynamic’s “Launch Strategy Design” offering, the Vynamic team’s focus was aligned to four areas of need within the client:

Enhanced collaboration between global and local markets

A stepwise approach was developed that factored in both global and local market perspectives, emphasized early definition of ways of working and launch governance, and provided a method for clear communication of strategy, key dates, and launch plan throughout a launch team.

Increased efficiency

The baseline launch plan’s details clearly defined roles and responsibilities to help ensure work was not duplicated during any stage of the launch lifecycle. Additionally, a central resource bank was built to house best practice examples, tools, and execution accelerators to prevent any team from “re-inventing the wheel” while ensuring a consistent experience for all launch teams no matter the scenario. The central resource bank as well as the baseline launch plan were made available via a shared platform within the client to ensure one source of the truth for all working in launch.

Consistency of deliverables

Within the governance structure developed as part of the Launch Excellence Framework, a process was established to ensure continuous updating of checklists, reference documents, and accelerators for each with examples and templates to help ensure brands were starting from the same point while speaking the same language around launch.

Improved launch outcomes

As part of the Launch Excellence Framework, Vynamic implemented a launch readiness tracking methodology with clear steps and processes so everyone on a launch team would understand status, while ensuring that local markets could get up to speed quickly and easily with improved communication and optimal delivery of work.

The result

Vynamic’s work resulted in three key wins for the client team:

  • Developed a clear, user-friendly framework that was easily accessible and shared via an online platform. This framework was separated into sequential “chapters” that allowed marketers to easily access information for the stage of launch they were in at any given time. It also provided a foundation for onboarding and training of new brand team members.
  • Built a launch foundation based on existing frameworks and extensive stakeholder input/feedback. Significant input was sought from the global team and markets to understand needs, best practices, and desired future state. Iterations of the framework were widely socialized prior to finalization, ensuring widespread buy-in. A plan was also developed for socialization with leadership that resulted in expectations of use across all teams. Vynamic also created a change management and communication plan to support the roll-out.
  • Created a resource bank of launch templates and guidance documents. This set of reference and gold standard materials with consistent templates, approach, and formatting allowed for significant efficiencies.


Feedback from teams related to the Launch Excellence Framework was extremely positive. The framework was readily adopted by several active launch brands and was also later modified for use for other business units within the company while now serving as the foundation for launch across the majority of brands.

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