i am: Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson
Jessica Peterson

My Vynamic Color
Balanced Blue Green

Healthcare sector experience
Health Plans, Healthcare Technology

Past employment
Accenture and SapientNitro

You may not have known
I stand tall at 6 feet, but my real growth spurt came when I grew 8 inches in one year

Passionate about
How the digital environment can improve healthcare delivery and overall outcomes through patient engagement and adherence

My family
My husband, Mike, and our son, Nolan

Favorite sports team
The Patriots

Key to success
Be an audience before you take the stage. Take care in challenging the process

I can’t live without
Reality TV on Bravo – it helps me unwind

Why the Healthcare Industry
My passion for helping others started at an early age. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days thinking about how to improve the lives of others?

My Vynamic color
Down to it’s core, the color is 50% green and 50% blue. It represents my ultimate aspiration of finding balance in everything that I do. Business needs vs. Patient experience. Work vs. Play. Everything is about balance.

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