i am: Keith Sutter

Keith Sutter
Keith Sutter

My Vynamic Color
Experimental Blue

Select functional expertise
Marketing and Supply Chain

Recent select project
Created a global team tasked with rapidly defining and building critical innovation capabilities for a global Supply Chain, leading to over $44MM in business value created

Past employment
Johnson & Johnson

BS in Economics, Concentration in Entrepreneurial Management, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. MBA, S.C., Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Community causes
I’m passionate about education, specifically my local public school, Chester A. Arthur in Philadelphia


My Vynamic color
Experimental Blue – Life is a series of experiments from which we must learn

I joined Vynamic
To accelerate innovation across the entire healthcare system

My family
Twin boys and an amazing wife

If you had a sabbatical, what would you do?
I did take a sabbatical year, and the experience was a chance for my wife and I to follow our dreams and visit 18 countries on 5 continents. Along the way we sought to uncover the ways in which sustainability was being embraced by local businesses, and used the experience as a catalyst to push our careers more in the direction that we envisioned for our future

I’m certified as
A PROSCI® Change Management Practitioner

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