i am: Lucas Van Drunen

Lucas Van Drunen
Lucas Van Drunen


My Vynamic Color
Spooky Purple

Healthcare sector experience
Health Plans, Providers 

Favorite professional work experience
Being part of an internal team that implemented an agile operating model to make work more effective and employees happier 

B.A. in Business and Mathematics, Calvin University; M.S. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, Columbia University  

My Vynamic color
Spooky Purple – The first bike I bought when moving to New York was a purple bike from a manufacturer named Spooky. Most bikes I’ve purchased since have been purple, and the color reminds me of the joy and freedom cycling has given me over the years 

My professional passion
Encouraging people to think differently about their work! Change = Opportunity  

Best early career advice received
If you want growth, sign up for challenge 

My family
My wife, Rachel, and our four kids. I love being a dad and I have an amazing partner to share the journey with 

Athletic pursuits
Ride all the bikes! Michigan is a great playground for riding mountain, road, and gravel. According to my fitness tracker I’ve logged 63,000 miles since I started 12 years ago 

Favorite travel destination
New Zealand. Pre-kids, my wife and I rented a campervan and drove around those magical islands for two weeks 

My greatest lesson learned
Not sure if it’s the “greatest”, but an important lesson I learned growing up in cultures different than my own was the huge value of empathy. The ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes, and the ability to see yourself through the eyes of others, is transformative 

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