i am: Megan McGowan

Megan McGowan
Megan McGowan


My Vynamic Color
Wellfleet Market Red

My professional passion
I love connecting and collaborating with clients to help them think differently and develop innovative solutions 

B.A. in Business, Rhodes College 

Past employment
Eagle Hill Consulting, Navigate 

Conferences recently attended
The Pennsylvania Conference for Women, People Analytics and Workforce Planning, HR Strategy and People 

Best early career advice received
If it was easy everyone would do it! 

Athletic pursuits
At Rhodes College I played on the Field Hockey team. Now you can find me on the Bocce court, biking with my husband, or working on my fastball playing fetch with my dog!

My Vynamic color
Wellfleet Market Red – I have been traveling to Wellfleet, a little town in Cape Cod, for my entire life. At the very beginning of the downtown area there is a grocery store called Wellfleet Marketplace which has a large red and white awning in the front of it. No matter how much time has passed since I’ve been there last, it feels familiar to me 

My pet
My dog Hudson, named after the Hudson River, is a goofy Red Goldendoodle. He loves the dog park, hiking, snow, socks, and going on long walks 

Favorite personal accomplishment
I am absolutely not a runner – so running two half marathons in Washington, DC is something that I am very proud of but also never plan to do again 

I could teach you how to
Spin! When I lived in Washington, DC I taught spin classes all over the city. I loved having the privilege to lead people through their favorite part of their day 

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