i am: Oliver May

Oliver May
Oliver May


My Vynamic Color
Earth Green

Healthcare sector experience
Public Health, Life Sciences

Keys for success
Focus on building great, diverse teams with talented individuals 

Locations I’ve worked
Paris, Bucharest, Dublin, Prague, Salt Lake City 

Favorite professional work experience
Working with doctors, trial teams, and regulatory bodies to test the efficacy of a COVID-19 treatment 

Why the Healthcare Industry
An opportunity to have a tangible impact on improving the quality of peoples’ lives 

My Vynamic color
Earth Green It represents the incredible environment we are lucky to live in, as well as new growth and new opportunity  

My pet
A miniature Golden Doodle called Kody

Athletic pursuits 
I am a retired rugby player, run a cricket team in South London, play football, and enjoy skiing, hiking, running, and cycling 

My favorite book
Lord of the Ring Trilogy (the books and films)!  

Favorite travel destination
The many (17,000 in total!) Indonesian islands  

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