i am: Ryan Hummel

Ryan Hummel
Ryan Hummel

My Vynamic Color

Healthcare sector experience
I am the Provider Sector Community Advisor at Vynamic, helping to drive our Vynamic Provider community strategy

Select functional expertise
Health System Process Improvement, Ambulatory Strategies (Retail and Urgent Care), Home Care Solutions, Strategic Planning, and Applied Lean Transformation

Other industry expertise
Working across all sectors and focusing on Providers/Health Systems to bring best practices in an actionable, strategic way that impacts clinicians, caregivers, and patients alike. It is possible and we see it every day

My professional passion
What I truly love about Vynamic, other than our podcast Trending Health, is that we combine the brightest minds in healthcare, apply tried and true problem solving techniques, and then meet our partners where they are for a true collaboration for actionable and sustainable solutions

The Pennsylvania State University, Lean and Six Sigma Blackbelt Certification from Villanova, and a Healthcare MBA from Temple University

Famous at Vynamic for
Being a tad competitive… tad being a sarcastic descriptor

Community causes
I serve as the Chair of the Advisory Council to cure Castleman Disease – a global initiative dedicated to accelerating research and treatment for Castleman disease (CD) to improve survival for all patients with CD and for that matter, all rare diseases. We will find a cure for this disease that is as prevalent as ALS

Favorite sports team(s)
Phillies and the Sixers will always have and break my heart

Unusual past job
My very first job out of college was in food distribution where we often said after an error ‘it is just cookies, it is not blood’. Ironically, my next job was managing blood products at the American Red Cross

Athletic pursuits
Along with several team members in the Vynation, I’ve competed in several triathlons. I still can’t sleep the night before the events

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