Case Study

Better Business Decisions via Improved Information Management


A Pharmaceutical company needed to manage the complex issues that surfaced at the pointof transition into production of a large-scale commercial datawarehouse (CDW) implementation. The CDW implementation involved an external systems integrator and another external vendor responsible for outsourced operational support. As the project neared completion, the stakeholders were unhappy with the quality of the data, issue management and communication processes.


Vynamic was engaged to provide support and insight to identify root causes and resolve critical issues with representatives from the business, systems integrator and the support vendor. Our team created a process for quality checks at the earliest possible points, enabling the project team to move away from fighting fires and toward addressing overall root cause.


Vynamic assisted our Life Sciences customer in the successful delivery of the complete commercial datawarehouse, helping to coordinate multiple vendors and add needed validation and operating procedures.

Some specific results achieved include:

  • An improved data validation solution for internal and syndicated data
  • Documented processes to assist in the management of vendor relationships
  • Standard operational checklists
  • Improved business trust in the solution by a “communicate early and often” approach