Case Study

Brand Performance Assessment During Critical Launch Window

A second-in-portfolio pharmaceutical product faced underperformance during their critical launch window and asked Vynamic to conduct a 360° assessment of brand strategy and tactical execution.

The Challenge

A second-in-portfolio pharmaceutical product faced underperformance during their critical launch window. Vynamic was asked to conduct a 360° assessment of the brand strategy, business drivers, and tactical execution across all commercial functions to ensure a full understanding of root cause issues and missed opportunities. The goal was to identify overarching themes, recommend clear solutions, and establish a roadmap based on those prioritized recommendations.

The Approach

A brand’s success in the critical launch window sets its performance trajectory. Market conditions and a company’s ability to work in a highly integrated fashion both factor into brand success. Knowing how critical that is to strategy and execution, Vynamic took an unbiased approach to understanding pre-launch, launch, and post-launch activities. Additionally, Vynamic assessed what factors were within organizational control so as to isolate true contributors to underperformance:

Establish a Framework

Vynamic started by developing a brand performance framework anchored in a weighted scoring system for cross-functional assessment tailored to the organization’s scope. As part of thiswe partnered with the client team to complete stakeholder mapping, partner identification, comprehensive interview guides, and gain access to critical data sets. ​ 

Current State Assessment

Vynamic conducted cross-functional interviews throughout the organization and with external partners. We analyzed and synthesized existing data/information to identify current state challenges and opportunities to address performance. 

Plan of Action

Based on the assessment findings, Vynamic developed an action plan to focus on addressing key cross-functional challenges and recommended adoption and investment of key growth levers to optimize the brand’s launch trajectory. 

Stakeholder Alignment and Roll-Out

Vynamic then built consensus and buy-in on the action plan and future cross-functional collaboration model. 

The Results

Vynamic utilized the established framework to deliver assessment findings and data-driven recommendations that resulted in an action plan to focus the organization. The client accelerated a number of Vynamic’s key recommendations to maximize market opportunities. As a result, brand sales have increased and the client is equipped with not only key learnings, but also a reusable framework that can be applied elsewhere to ensure future launches are optimized regardless of the brand, functional scope, or launch timing. 

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