Case Study

Differentiating State RFP Responses


A leading Managed Care Organization (MCO) needed to elevate its Request for Proposal (RFP) response to win existing zones of operation and to expand into a new geographical market. The MCO’s in-house proposal team was understaffed, faced multiple competing priorities, and felt underserved by consulting firms that had been contracted to assist with previous responses. Vynamic’s role was to help shape the response and drive the RPF’s end-to-end management.


In addition to overall RFP management, Vynamic facilitated cross-team engagement throughout the entire response process. Vynamic also provided guidance on future response template improvements including “Win Themes” to strengthen responses by highlighting key differentiating factors and a clearer value proposition.


Vynamic’s program management ensured the timely delivery of the RFP response, which has great potential for new business and expansion into new markets. Vynamic’s redesign of work products and its recommendations will play an ongoing role in future RFP responses and the MCO’s continued success.

Some specific results achieved include:

  • Submitting RFP response for new geography well before deadline
  • Achieving true cross-team engagement in drafting and revising response content
  • Receiving recognition from key stakeholders on the quality of RFP response template and content that reflected industry trends mapped to core capabilities
  • Compiling 20+ lessons learned and accompanying recommendations for future RFP and content management activities