With evolving business priorities and continued industry constraints, a global Pharmaceutical company was looking for methods to maintain its competitive edge. They were struggling with how to effectively launch multiple new products while still maintaining and reducing their cost structure.


In order to deliver the right solution, Vynamic’s approach began with the execution of a HCP digital research initiative to help the team understand HCP’s digital behaviors and preferences. From there, Vynamic led the vendor selection due diligence and implementation strategy planning effort through to the delivery of a technology platform that provided the relevant services and offerings that HCPs desired across multiple digital environments. Finally, Vynamic led an enterprise effort focused on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


  • A technology platform that provides a consistent, integrated distribution mechanism for content and services
  • Greater HCP engagement results including: over 50% of targets reached on a weekly basis, over 25% of targets acquired for online sampling and high engagement with all online services (e.g. Formulary)
  • Improved satisfaction resulting from 90% of HCPs reported a better online experience than other online experiences, and over 85% of HCPs reported their online brand experience provided value to them
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