Case Study

Engaging HCPs Through True Omnichannel Marketing

To meet evolving HCP expectations and our Life Sciences client’s business objectives, Vynamic collaboratively developed a new customer-centric omnichannel ecosystem that would transform how the brand (and the company) approached marketing.

The Challenge

To meet HCPs’ evolving expectations, as well as business objectives, our client needed to re-evaluate how they were marketing in what is now a customer-centric, digital world. The pre-existing experience consisted of non-personalized, static content, with little to no actionable insights. The goal was to develop an omnichannel ecosystem to enable an optimized customer experience consisting of relevant, personalized, and dynamic information across channels; all informed by prior digital interactions.​

While the challenge of connecting more personally with HCPs online isn’t new, it’s more prominent than ever given the access limitations imposed by the pandemic.

The Approach

Omnichannel isn’t just a new way of marketing, and it certainly isn’t just about adding more channels. It demands a new level of cross-functional collaboration with internal and external partners, adopting new technologies, methodologies, and measurement. As a result, Vynamic’s approach needed to blend structure with agility, craft thoughtful, transparent, and aligned communication plans across countless teams, and to execute those plans in a way that was consumable and clearly aligned to brand strategy. Vynamic focused on four key areas:

1. Brand Specific Omnichannel Strategy

Developed, socialized, and agreed on the omnichannel strategy and proposed tactics, which directly supported brand objectives.​

2. Agile Program & Project ​Governance

Developed program & project level governance, including cross-functional workstream definition, clear roles and responsibilities, communication plans to promote constant alignment, as well as iterative budget tracking to align funding requests with value delivery.

3. Robust Change Management

Our change approach started with an understanding of why omnichannel is critical, what it is, and how it directly supported brand strategy. Past the initial socialization, Vynamic developed and delivered trainings, materials, and guidance to elevate marketeer understanding, making it feel both tangible and attainable.

4. Communications

Developed and successfully executed a robust communications plan across 12 cross-functional support teams, numerous partners and agencies, up to and including Therapeutic Area leadership.

The Results

Vynamic’s comprehensive and tailored approach accelerated successful adoption and integration of omnichannel as the new way of marketing within the brand. The campaign was able to clearly demonstrate the merits of the approach, showing positive effects on engagement, marketing efficiency, and ultimately ROI. Perhaps just as importantly, many clients evolved from “omni skeptics” to “omni advocates” for the enterprise, helping others to understand the benefits of true omnichannel when orchestrated and coordinated in the right way.

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